Discount Honda Trailering Hitch from EBH Accessories
Brand: Honda | Product Category: Exterior | Product: Trailering Hitch
Increase your cargo options with a towing hitch. With the full towing package, the Class I hitch tows up to 1,500 pounds gross trailer weight. Receiver-style design accommodates a variety of trailer coupler designs. Includes draw bar, retaining pin and clip. Custom design mounts directly to vehicle frame for optimum performance, strength and security. Genuine Honda trailer hitch is designed specifically for your Honda vehicle to provide you with original equipment performance. We have the Honda trailer hitch you are looking for at a discount price you will like. Visit our secure online catalog to find the Honda trailer hitch you need today!

Honda Trailer Hitch Details:
You can haul trailers weighing up to 1,500 pounds with the Towing Package. Check out your Owner's Manual for more details on towing with your Honda.
  • Class I hitch mounts directly to the vehicle's frame for optimum performance, strength, and security
  • Receiver-style design works with a variety of trailer coupler designs, including draw bar, retaining pin and clip
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